Slimming Acupuncture Patch

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Slimming Acupuncture inherits the essence of acupoints and therapeutics of traditional Chinese acupuncture, expands the application scope of “Probing with stone needle” and “Pasting Acupuncture”, and is considered as the third generation of acupuncture weight loss products on the basis of acupuncture weight loss and embedded wire weight loss.


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Slimming Acupuncture integrates three Chinese medicine methods “probing with stone needle”, “needling”, “moxibustion”, constantly stimulates human acupoints, speeds up the metabolic rate, promotes fat metabolism, increases the consumption of heat and the accumulated fat, and then adjusts, improves and repairs the body balance mechanism, thus achieving the goal of  weight loss.


Probing with stone needle: Stone needle contains plenty of trace elements, which will be absorbed via those acupoints when applied to acupoints. Hence, the method can purify human viscera, discharge toxins in human body and comprehensively enhance the function of human body.


Needling: A stone needle friction can produce 3698 ultrasonic pulse vibration of specific frequency. Therefore, when applied to the related acupoints, it can deeply stimulate meridian acupoints, dredge the meridian and adjust the endocrine system and various metabolic function of the body, promote the decomposition of fat, achieving the aim of losing weight.


Moxibustion: Stone needle has far-infrared thermal radiation of specific wavelength, so it can generate heat effect on acupuncture points when applied to the acupoints. Moreover, it moves through the meridian and dredges the meridian warmly, assists in fat metabolism and accelerates the subcutaneous fat burning, quickly reaching the slimming purpose.

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