Pasting Acupuncture Patch

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“Bian Tie” belonging to the brand Pasting Acupuncture, is a kind of patch pasting in acupoints made of stone needle powder. It is based on the stone needle produced in Si Bin as raw materials, and developed by mixing stone needle powder with medical pressure sensitive adhesive of low sensitivity with the modern advanced superfine powder coating technology. Through sticking to the meridian acupoints of body surface and location of pain and with the aid of far-infrared heat radiation of specific wavelength of stone needle as well as the ultrasonic pulse vibration of specific frequency, it can deeply stimulate the meridian acupoints and achieve the effect of acupuncture and moxibustion, exert its four major effects of enriching qi and activating blood, dredging the meridian, balancing between yin and yang and strengthening body resistance and eliminating evil, thus easily achieving the goals of treating various chronic diseases and various pain disorders. It is safe, simple and convenient, and has strong time-based efficacy and is regarded as an acupuncture tool for sticking.

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Specification: 5 plated per bag, 45 patches per box


Size: 3cm wafer / patch, 9 patches /plate

Safe and effective, avoid drug toxicity, independent operation, simple and quick use and without a doctor’s supervision. Adhering to the traditional Chinese medicine theory and matching acupoints, it has the obvious therapeutic effect on various types of pain and troubles of medical and surgical medicine and women and children.


Product structure: The product is composed of nonwoven fabric, the back lining layer and anti-sticking layer. The back lining layer is made of medical pressure-sensitive adhesive of low sensitivity mixed with stone needle powder and accessories.


Product performance: After applying the product on the acupoints, the calcite crystallite in stone needle powder has the stimulating effect of physical friction on the acupoints.


Suitable crowd: Various types of pain disorders, most disorders of internal medicine, gynecology, andrology, pediatric (more than three years old). Suitable for daily health regimen and conditioning.



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