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Acupuncture is a special method of disease cure in China. It is a medical skill of “external treatment for inner disease”. It cures systemic disease through the conduction of meridians and collaterals and acupoint together with certain operation method. In clinical practice, diagnose the pathogenesis as per the diagnosis and treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine, find out the key point of the disease, identify nature of the disease, confirm which channel, viscera that the lesion belongs to, distinguish which type does the disease belongs to, exterior and interior, chills and fever or deficiency and excess to make diagnosis. Then conduct relative acupoint matching prescription for treatment. Accomplish the purpose of disease prevention and treatment through connect channels, adjust energy and blood, make yin and yang relatively balance, make viscera function verge to be harmonious. Acupuncture therapy is a part of the traditional Chinese medicine heritage, and is also a specific national medical method of our country. For thousands of years, it has made great contribution to protect health, multiply the nation, up to now, it still undertakes this task and has been trusted by broad masses.

Remedial massage with Essential oil

The essential oil can enter into skin cells through massages, and then enter into the blood vessel and the tissues of the whole body. The fragrance of the essential oil can also make great influence to our emotion at the same time; the fragrance of the essential oil can enter into the lobe system within the brain, which is the door of the unconsciousness and emotion field of human beings, through the smelling and absorbing of essential oil, the brain will generate a pleasant feeling. The fragrance can help emotional release, which is conducive to relieve pressure of the whole body, eliminate muscular pain caused by muscle fatigue or damages.

Stone needle scrapping therapy

Scrapping therapy is one of the Chinese traditional naturopathy. It accomplishes the purpose of dredging the channels, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis by using bull horn, jade etc. tools to scrape on relative position of the skin based on the traditional Chinese medicine skin theory. Scrapping therapy can expand the blood capillary, increase sweat gland secretion, promote blood circulation and has instant effect to wind-cold arthralgia caused by high blood pressure, sunstroke and muscle ache etc. Regular scraping can generate a function of channel energy adjustment, fatigue relieving and the function of increasing immunologic function. The stone needle scrape plate is made of Si Bin floating stone which has special energy domains, which can improve the microcirculation of human body by contacting the human body directly or indirectly, generate the function of blood stasis removing and the function of disease cure; moreover, since the characteristics of Si Bin floating stone, while conducting the cure by using stone needle plate, a better function of channel dredging, heat toxin discharging can be achieved without the requirement of acturc discascs.


Cupping therapy (commonly known as fire pot) is a kind of therapeutic method by using pot as tool to utilize methods of burn, extrusion etc. to exclude air within the pot to make negative pressure, let the pot absorb to specific location of the body surface (affected part, acupoint) to generate wide range stimulation, forming contrafluxion or blood stasis phenomenon, to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment and strong body. Same as acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping is also a kind of physical therapy, and cupping is one of the most classic therapies among physical therapies. And it is an archaic folk medical skill which is also suitable for children.

Free Scented Tea

Depending on each individual’s health conditions, personalised scented tea will be provide during the treatment sessions.

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