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Why moxibustion can prevent and cure disease?

What is moxibustion therapy?

Moxibustion therapy, called moxibustion for short, is one of the oldest medical skills in China. It makes moxa, moxa cone, moxa stick, etc. by using folium artemisiae argyi as the raw materials, or adding other medicines. It is a kind of therapeutic method of warming and ironing on the acupoint of the body surface, to play the role of warming and releasing blood, strengthening the body resistance to dispel pathogenic factors, and achieve prevention and treatment of disease by virtue of the heating power of moxibustion fire and the functions of medicine, through the conduction of channels and collaterals after burning these materials. It can help human body warm and smooth the channels and collaterals, warming vitality, smoothing complexion, and sending out healthy brilliance.

The action principle of moxibustion

Moxibustion is a part of Chinese acupuncture medicine. Same with the needle punch, moxibustion stimulates the functions of channels and collaterals, nerves, body fluids, and regulates the imbalance state of different tissues and systems of human body through stimulating acupoint or specific parts.

The Benefits

  • Feel relaxed from inside to the outside of the whole body, eliminate fatigue.
  • Dilute various skin spots, freckle, chloasma, age pigment, etc., make complexion rosy and glossy, and make skin fine and smooth.
  • Dispel cold and dampness; relieve stubborn pain from rheumatism and menstruation pain, cervical lumbar vertebrae pain, epiagstric pain, arthrodynia of limbs, etc.
  • Regulate functional activities of qi, balance yin and yang.
  • Promote immunity of the organism; keep away from cold and all kinds of sub-health symptoms.
  • Improve body shaping and contribute to lose weight.
  • Improve sleep and sleep quality.
  • Promote male and female sexual function, anti-aging.
  • Tonify yang and strengthen the body resistance, and prolong life.

Back moxibustion therapy (Hua Tuo Jiaji moxibustion) — Back moxibustion therapy is a kind of unique treatment technology of imposing a new-type moxibustion therapy aiming at spine and back, to prevent and cure spine and spine-related disease. It belongs to the category of external therapy moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine. Back must be warm. It is the protective screen of viscera. If the exposed back feels cold, the cold pathogen will invade the viscera directly, thus cause deep disease of viscera.


  • All kinds of chronic strain, regional pain.
  • All kinds of spine diseases and spine-related diseases caused by spinal degenerative diseases.


  • Clearing and activating the channels and collaterals, promoting qi circulation to relieve pain
  • Warm channel and expelling cold, activating blood and removing blood stasis
  • Prevention and health maintenance, prolong life

Major functions

  • Prevention and healthcare of cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, prolapsed of lumbar intervertebral disc, Ankylosing Spondylitis, spinal diseases, etc.

Indication symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine

  • Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, lumbago.

From the viewpoint of modern western medicine, navel is only a scar tissue on one’s body after the umbilical cord dropping when the one is born and separates from the parent body.

From the Chinese traditional medicine and regimen, navel, called “Shenque”, is an important part of one’s body, and an important acupuncture point with treatment functions. This acupoint is considered as the center of channels and collaterals, the place where the channel qi collects; it can control multiple channels and hundreds of pulses. When disease happens caused by qi and blood and yin-yang disharmony of human body, the functions of regulating yin-yang balance, gentle and pleasant qi and blood and the effect of eliminating evil and curing of disease can be achieved through stimulating and applying medicines on the Shenque acupiont.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the two channels of liver and kidney have close relationship with the breast, and the two channels of chong and ren are at the second place. Liver and qi depression, internal injury of emotions have great influence during the pathogenetic process of nodules of breast. Depressed emotions, qi depression and uneasiness, disorder of qi and blood, latent gastric collateral in breast, qi stagnation and blood stasis with phlegm collecting as the tuberculosis, and remaining in the breast along the channels, so there is blocking in the breast. For liver and kidney weakness, chong and ren arise from the uterus below, and connect with the breast up; for the qi and blood of chong and ren, the upstream is breast, and the downstream is channel. If there are insufficient kidney qi, disordered chong and ren, stagnant qi and blood will accumulate in the breast, uterus, which will cause breast pain and blocking, or menstrual disorder and imbalance. Moxibustion has the efficacy of clearing and activating the channels and collaterals, promoting qi and activating blood circulation, dispelling dampness and cold, reducing swelling and resolving mass. Therefore, moxibustion has great prevention efficacy of the diseases like hyperplasia of mammary glands.

Free Scented Tea

Depending on each individual’s health conditions, personalised scented tea will be provide during the treatment sessions.

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