Facial Beauty

Facial Acupressure and Tendon Stirring Therapy

To dredge channels and collaterals through facial acupressure and tendon stirring, to stimulate the activity of elastic fibers, and promote synthetic ability of skin collagen

Particular Action Principle of Facial Tendon Stirring

Facial acupressure and tendon stirring is based on Holographic Science of Channels and Collaterals of Chinese Medicine. By the combination of technology, products, and particular massage manipulation, breaking through traditional massage way, make the effect of massage to corium layer, to eliminate metabolic depositions in skin and body. By dredging facial channels and collaterals, to stimulate facial reflection point of viscera, activate qi and blood, eliminate blood stasis and dissolve knot, metabolize toxin and waste in blood vessels, thus restore the natural color of skin.

Effect of Facial Acupressure and Tendon Stirring

Enhance resistance, prevent sensitivity. Adjust the detoxification function of liver, and regulate liver channel (anti-sensitivity).
Adjust blood-supply function of heart, regulate heart channel, to improve dry skin due to the lack of moisture. (Rehydrating)
Adjust spleen channel, regulate dull yellow face and deficiency symptom because of the decrease of spleen function. (rejuvenating and anti-senile)
Adjust coarse pores caused by lung function. (Balance grease and anti-acne)
Adjust kidney channels, regulate eye bags and dark and gloomy complexion caused by the decline of renal functions. (whitening and moisturizing)

  • Sensitive and Weak Skin: By stirring sinews to stimulate the blood to flow faster, which can discharge toxin in the blood vessels, alleviate the burden of skin and enhance the resistance of skin.
  • Couperose Skin: By stirring facial channels and collaterals to stimulate the capillary walls to shrink, improving couperose skin.
  • Dark and gloomy and lackluster skin: By stirring facial channels to dredge the channels and collaterals, activate qi and blood, metabolize toxin and improve complexion.
  • Wrinkle Slack Skin: Stimulate the activity of elastic fibers, promoting the synthetic ability of skin collagen, to reach to the effect of tightening skin and wrinkle reduction.

Free Scented Tea

Depending on each individual’s health conditions, personalised scented tea will be provide during the treatment sessions.

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