Breast Beauty

Negative Pressure Internal Health Preserving Instrument

is a combination of Modern Technology and traditional Chinese medicine regimen.

Product Features

  • Dynamic negative pressure absorption
  • Muscle stretching exercise of yoga from ancient India
  • Deep dredging and obstruction removal
  • High-frequency vibration which unblocks vessels and meridians and collaterals
  • Nutrients are delivered at the breast and let the breast become bigger naturally.
  • Accelerate lymph detoxification and prevent breast disease.
  • Negative ions combing with negative pressure promotes homeostasis.
  • Negative ions could medically prevent neurasthenia and improve the immunologic functions of the immune system.
  • Make improvement in brain function and spiritual mood, Negative ions making people cheerful.
  • Negative ions could keep internal acid-base equilibrium and metabolism in metabolism.

Negative Pressure Theory

Negative pressure inside the cup could congest local blood capillary, stimulate organs, strengthen cell activity, Facilitate functional activity and improve body’s immunity. Mechanical stimulation could be transmitted through the reflex pathway to the nervous centralis to approach to liquilibration of nerve actions. Both the operational inspiration and deflation and the repetitive switching between increase and vanishment of netative pressure make a constant opening and closing of local pores, which facilitate skin inspiration, increases oxygen absorbed and accelerate waste elimination. The native pressure works on warming and activating meridian, promoting qi to activate blood, opening one’s aperture to stretch the muscles, eliminating stasis to subdue swelling and removing poison to drive out evil spirits.

Far Infrared Ray

The generated tepidity stimulus could enlarge the local vessels, facilitate local blood circulation, improve metabolism and tissue nourishment state, strengthen the permeability of vessels and cells, and improve the phagocytic ability of reticuloendothelial system, which are helpful to nutrition absorption and elimination of local pathogenic factors. In some extent, far infrared ray has the similar functions as acupuncture therapy. Far infrared ray has the functions in warming channel and expelling cold, clearing and activating the channels and collaterals and recovering Yang-qi from troubles. Clinical experiment in medical science shows that far infrared ray has the functions to warm and has a maximum penetrability through the skin to subcutaneous tissues within 6-14 μm in order to negotiate meridians and collaterals and unblock qi and blood circulation. Far infrared ray is effective in improving cell activity, preventing cancer and breast disease, regulating the nervous system and strengthening immunity.

Qi And Blood Circulation

Reaching the subcutaneous tissues as far as 7 cm and combining with deep massage, Qi and blood circulation instrument is able to unblock qi and blood, breast acinus, thus to drive tangible blood with intangible qi, deliver oxygen and nutrition to the breast and stimulate pituitary gland to secrete female hormone which is able to strengthen connective tissues of the breast, excite the development and growth of the breast. It also can facilitate uterine contraction, tighten the skin elastic fibres to prevent loose and disperse skin tissues.

High-Frequency Magnetism Vibration Massage

The high-frequency magnetism vibration device sets in the cup and is a new type of beauty and health care device combining acupoint magnetotherapy and electric massage. With the ability to resolve hard lump and a high-frequency vortex vibration 7200 times/minute, the device could directly perform effective actions toward the breast in order to soften and lessen the breast lump. Magnetic field and the vibration generated by the magnetism vibration massage has a dual effect on the referred body part, meridians and acupoint in order to facilitate qi and blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, strengthen activity of muscle cells, and bring about the expectant multiple results.

The Benefits

Women spend 3-5 yeas time to smear skin care product on the face, but are always easy to ignore other parts which has been hidden under the clothes, especially our buttocks.

The buttock has a significant function in the human body; it not only has a relationship with women’s beauty and sexuality, but also conveys the health information of human body constantly.

The buttock is a mirror of the pelvic cavity, the buttock physiotherapy tells you

  • The buttock joint is black: cold in uterus, the uterus toxin heavy, and there is lochia residual
  • The cocoon is black: (commonly known as sunglasses) is the dropping of sex hormone levels
  • The buttock is sunken: is the reflection of ovarian atrophy
  • Acne on the buttock: the toxin and the dampness is too heavy
  • The buttock is cold: is the reflection of uterus cold and body cold
  • Loin is black and there are bands: is the reflection of the deficiency of the kidney
  • Two sides of the buttock is aching: ovarian cyst etc. gynecological disease
  • The waist is flabby: the belt vessel is flabby
  • The lower abdomen bulges: the uterus cold is cold, which tends to cause infertility.

The advantages of buttock physiotherapy


  • Condition the gynecological problems; prevent the formation of irregular menstruation, inflammation, erosion, myoma and cyst.
  • Condition the problem of the urinary system, such as frequent micturition, urgent urination and odynuria etc.
  • Eliminate dampness, cold and stagnating, condition the hydrops and effusion phenomenon of the pelvic cavity
  • Condition problems of the motor system, improve the cold of the lower limbs, and inability of the lower limbs
  • Condition the digestive system; prevent enteritis and haemorrhoids etc.
  • Contribute to sex harmonious, Condition sexual apathy/li>
  • Tighten, raise the buttocks, moulding and thin the buttocks
  • If you want to improve butterfly buttocks and external expansion buttocks, happy buttocks physiotherapy could help you. The number of nodules at your buttocks is equal to that of gynaecological tumors in your body.

At reflecting region of buttocks, there is clot at main and collateral channels and reproductive organs corresponding to nodules. We are not able to take out each organ and wash them, but we could make improvements by buttock physiotherapy which unblocks each nodule at buttock reflecting areas. The special buttock physiotherapy could thoroughly dredge meridians at buttock. Just as the Chinese medicine theory says, if the buttock is dredging, the six channels will be dredging and if the buttock is blocked, the six channels will be blocked. Now it’s time to take actions for buttock physiotherapy and keep away from myoma and illness. Have you taken buttock physiotherapy?

The consequence as a result of lack of buttock maintenance

  • Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and even amenorrhea
  • Tend to cause pelvic inflammation, kysthitis, cervicitis, annexitis and other diseases
  • Tend to cause premature ovarian failure which is the most severe signal of female recession.
  • Tend to cause urinary tract infection leading to frequent micturition, urgent urination and odynuria
  • Tend to cause Waist ache, overstaffing and unwieldiness at waist and abdomen, heavy, cold and numb at lower extremities

Strengthening and toning your back is equal to protect life

One of the featured projects of the internal negative pressure meter is –strengthen and tone your back, it can not only remove extra proud flesh of the back, shape perfect line, but also stimulate the menstrual flow, adjust the body condition, let the body achieve a healthy and balance condition.

Backside is the holographic of the whole human body with the centre of the spine; the viscera of human body can find relative zone on the backside, such as the upper zone of the backside is corresponding to lung and heart, the bottom side is corresponding to spleen, stomach, liver and gallbladder, the waist is corresponding to kidney, bladder, large intestine and the small intestine. The health condition of backside generally reflects directly whether the viscera are working normally.

It follows that the backside is the weatherglass of health, and is the massy protective barrier of human body; no matter for children who are in the growth development period, or young adults full of energy, or old people, paying attention to the backside and correct protecting it is equals to injecting vitality and energy for health.

1、Da Zhui extrudes, chromatosis

Long-term strain of shoulder and neck is easy to trigger periarthritis of shoulder, meridian obstruction of the shoulder and neck, hypoxidosis of blood and oxygen, easy to swirl and headache, bosom frowsty , flustered, pox – stool accumulation in intestinal tract, slow toxin metabolism, constipation, abdominal distension and borborygmus.

2、Lung zone

Coarse pore, chromatosis – lung function decreased, and easy to trigger nasopharynx problems, such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, throat dry and itchy, easy to get inflamed, dyspnea chest discomfort.

3、Heart Zone

Coarse pore, chromatosis, get pimples –heart-fire hyperactivity, mind bothering, light sleep with many dreams, palpitate, palpitation, cold hands and feet.

4、Liver Zone

Obvious embossment –hot-tempered, depression or grumpy, yellowish complexion, bitter mouth, dry red eyes, weak alexipharmic function, which is easy to trigger alcoholic liver, fatty liver, gall-stone, fullness or distension of both sides of the chest, heavy backside, and is easy to trigger lobular hyperplasia, hyperplasia of mammary glands and cold hands and feet.

5、Spleen zone

There is integrity, swell of the bladder meridian– dull yellow skin, obvious wrinkle, poor appetite, stomach fire or cold, fetid breath, gasteremphraxis or stomach-ache, hiccup or sour regurgitation, muscular flaccidity, easy to get bruise, irregular menstruation.

6、Renal region

Blackening, chromatosis, stripe caused by deficiency of the kidney, deep lumbar eye –insufficient kidney energy, easy to lose hair, hypomnesis, poor sleeping quality, frequent nocturnal enuresis, easily frightened, black eye, obvious pouch, tinnitus, easy to get edema, afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, endocrine dyscrasia, irregular menstruation, gynaecological disease, sexual apathy, infertility, backaches, bad circulation of lower limbs.


The baliao acupoint extrudes, become green, blackening, get pimples – endocrine dyscrasia, cold in uterus, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding andmorbid leucorrh(o)ea, leukorrhea with reddish discharge.
The health care methods for the backside health care zone:

  • Bask the backside to get warm: take shelter from the wind and bask the backside, which is able to warm the backside and activating yang, working for health.
  • Protecting the backside by clothes: pay attention to keep warm for your daily wearing, add and subtract timely to protect your backside.
  • Pat the backside: backside patting is divided into self patting and patted by other people. This method can stretch the channels and invigorate the blood circulation, inspire yang energy, strong the heart and kidney, enhance the human life energy.
  • Rub the backside: the backside rubbing can also be divided into self rubbing and rubbing by other people. Self rubbing can be conducted during the bath progress. Hang the wet towel over the backside, tightening two sides of the towel by two hands; rub the backside hardly until the backside feels hot. Note that the power should not be too strong to avoid skin contusion. The backside rubbing method has a function of preventing cold, backache, chest distress and abdominal distension.
  • Stay away from wind and cold cautiously: backside is a place where the five internal organs and stream points meets, especially when sweating in hot weather, if be blowed by wind, the pathogenic wind and cold will easily invade to trigger disease.

*The traditional Chinese medicine regards that the backside zone is the attachment of the five internal organs; the backside need to be warm regularly, the liver then would be healthy, thus we should conduct well the health care of the backside to keep in good health. It is easy to induce rheumatism and cardiovascular disease etc. if the backside has suffered from cold, especially the old people need to do well the health care works of the backside.

Negative pressure internal health preserving instrument – is the guardian angel for beautiful mother to eliminate toxins and residual milk after weaning.

  • If woman has not excreted the milk clearly after the weaning of lactation, the milk will be metamorphic after a certain period of time to form pus and even blood pus or black water; if all of these has not been discharged timely, the lesions occur on the whole mammary tissue, even turning cancerous.
  • The nipple discharge is mainly caused by metabolism, the trash heaps up within the papilla or the foramen, which lead the papilla is not expedite, generally is pasty fluid, such as white, yellow or black; if there are too much toxin that has not been drained timely, they will form pimple on the mammary areola, even lead nipple retraction, of which nipple retraction is a signal of breast cancer.
  • The advantages of residual milk elimination

First of all, the lactiferous ducts has become unblocked after the elimination, the normal running of the lactiferous ducts have been recovered, convey nutrition and eliminate toxin, thus the whole mammary tissue will be under a normal condition, activate the mammary gland cell, adipose cell, and the fibrocyte, make the breast have a dynamic state; once the cell has got nourish, the ability to adsorbing fat of the breast will increase, thus there will be a embody of fullness, beauty and health.

Negative Pressure Internal Health Preserving Instrument- Made For The Health Care Of  The Breast

Benefits in breast nursing

Relieve And Prevent Breast Diseases

Facilitate blood circulation (qi and blood regulation) by deep massaging and stretching actions toward women’s breasts, and soften and lessen lumps in breasts by vibration (resolving hard lump), which can circulate and unblock the blood and lymph systems of breasts, improve and prevent the potential breast diseases.

Shaping Figure

Breast nursing allows deep stretching movements in breasts, which can circulate and smooth blood flowing, accelerate metabolism and improve free fat.

Maintaining Beauty And Keeping Young

Effective dredging of the breast meridians in breast nursing could eliminate toxin in blood and circulate and smooth qi and blood flowing so that nutrients could be fully delivered to body parts and keep you energetic.

Dredging Lymph And Eliminating Mamma Accessoria

Breast nursing gets the breasts a full movement and negative pressure absorption and releasing which drive the breast muscle groups to contract and improve the state of mamma accessoria.

Internal Secretion Regulation

Breasts get interlinked with uterus and ovary through sexual gland. Deep massage and stretching movements of breasts could effectively improve both uterus and ovaries functions and regulate internal secretion

Make Your Arms Slender

Deep massage and stretching movements of breasts could remove fat and eliminate proud flesh at backward of the upper arms.

Dredge Triple Burners, Run Through The Up And Down

make deep-seated absorb and release excise for the chest through the chest maintain, which can dredge the triple burners meridian effectively. Once the triple burners dredge, the up, middle and down meridian of human body will be dredged then.

Chest Connects With Back

conserving the health of the chest can help to speed up the blood circulation, thus drive the blood circulation of the back, can improve pain in shoulder, neck, waist and the back effectively and discharge the toxin.

Free Scented Tea

Depending on each individual’s health conditions, personalised scented tea will be provide during the treatment sessions.

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